Pakhoi Home and Garden Designs

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Inspired by the flavours and mysteries of the orient, Pakhoi Home and Garden Designs specialise in creating a comfortable home for you. The beauty of the Japanese heritage moves our clockwork as we provide our specialised interior design and garden design services.

Our philosophy is rooted in the Asian culture, deriving exquisite and delicate designs with great precision. This is what we at Pakhoi Home and Garden Designs aim to achieve with any tasks entrusted to us. The interior design or garden design we produce will exude elegance and encourage family time – an activity highly valued in Asian societies.

In addition, our team of dedicated staff will see to your every need, adopting the Asian hospitality, ensuring that you feel welcomed and at ease when you engage with us. We aspire to build relationships, knowing that this is what makes up a home. Therefore, we not only want to just get things done as you have instructed, but also to get to know you and your family. It is of our utmost priority to foster great working relationships with our clients, because family isn’t a business relationship.

Designers with a wealth of experience under their belts serve our interior design wing. Trained in various schools of designs, we will strive to create that perfect home for you – regardless of your taste. When you come to us, don’t fret if you don’t have anything specific in mind. That is where we come in.

In every partnership, expect us to assist you in formulating that ideal design. As our way of value adding to serve you, you can anticipate discussions to be two way and ideas will be bounced around. Rest assured, we will be with you on this journey!

Garden design sees our landscaping specialists attend to your needs. We can all agree that the garden is as important as the house itself. With good weather, families can head out for some fun in the sun, enjoying one another’s company.

Whether it is an Asian or Western influenced design you have in mind, we promise to deliver one that is up to your expectations. When it comes to garden design, we know that there is a lot more to it than just adding some plants and cheap concrete or clay pavers. Our experienced designers will assist you on building that wonderful backyard, taking into account environmental and legislative factors.

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The final product will certainly be one that allows your children to enjoy nature within the boundary of your home in a safe and secure setting. A well-designed garden will not only be a great place to spend a lazy weekend in, but also a fantastic place for large gatherings especially on a beautiful summer afternoon.

No matter what you are looking for, Pakhoi Home and Garden Designs seeks to establish a solid working relationship with all our clients in the hope of arriving at the ideal blueprint you have had in mind. Whether it is a minimalist or themed design, East or West, or even a fusion, we are dedicated to achieve it with you, as excellence is something we work towards.