How to Keep Your Glass Crystal-Clear

Glass is used in home decoration not only for windows but also many other purposes such as glass balconies, wardrobes and bathrooms. Using glass makes your house look larger, brighter and feel closer to the nature.


Glass is like any other type of home decoration, it needs care and maintenance. It can get dull from dust and water. Checks and cleaning should be done every 3 months.


The main way to take care of it is to make sure you do not scratch its surface. Improper cleaning can damage your glass. Here are some guidelines to maintain its brightness and clarity.


Remove Any Stains


Do not let your glass become covered by stubborn stains! Clean your glass before the stains harden and water spots stick to your glass. When dust or water deposits start to build up, use a soft cloth to clean them. Avoid abrasive cleaners or harsh cleaning products because they can make the glass lose its shine.


In the case of stubborn stains which are already there, use a soft soaked cloth with warm soapy water. Clean it from the top and work down. This way you will prevent leaving water marks on your glass.


Avoid tapes or any sticky things making contact with the glass because they are hard to remove and can damage your glass surface.


If you have any scratches, fix them by using non-gel based toothpaste. Put it on the scratch areas and remove with a soft cloth.


Choose the Right Cleaning Products


Be open-minded when selecting cleaning products. The most perfect cleaning solutions are homemade. Mix your cleaning products with vinegar half-and-half. Beware not to use cleaning products that contain hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid or powder based products to clean the glass as they will irritate the surface.


Choose cleaning materials that are not coarse and are free of debris. Use old newspapers that are already soft or a cotton t-shirt to clean the glass. Newspaper will remove all of the marks without leaving any lines or spots. Then, use cotton to clean the corners of the glass where dust accumulates.



Keep Your Glass Clean and Clear


The main thing you should beware of when having glass decorations in your house is sunlight. Do not clean them when the glass is hot or when the glass is directly in it. Rapid temperature changes can cause a thermal fracture. So, do not clean the glass with extremely hot or cold water either.


Do not place other furniture in contact with the glass. By doing so, it can damage the glass or cause a thermal fracture.


Normally, window glass or other glass decorations can be used for years without any repairs. Severe damages need skilful specialists like wellington glass repair to fix them for you. But if your glass has some small cracks, you can remove the broken glass and tape it with duct-tape to prevent it from falling. Then replace it with the same kind of glass.


When working with glass you have to be very cautious. Be careful when you carry the glass in order to prevent scratches and separate the different materials in your rubbish because glass cannot be recycled.


Alternatively – and for your other cleaning needs, you may also contact companies that offer reliable residential cleaning services within your local area. They should be adequately knowledgeable with all around and specific information to carry out the cleaning tasks for you.