What materials are best for gravestones?

When a loved one passes, there are a number of different emotions that you could be dealing with, anger, sorrow, remorse and guilt to name just a few depending on your relationship with them. However most people will share one emotion and that will be melancholy, basically an urge to commemorate that person’s life and be able to remember them and feel close to their memory. Most cultures around the world except those that believe in cremation use gravestones at the burial site to leave a lasting memory not just for themselves but anybody passing. There are a number of different options when it comes to materials which we will discuss below.



Marble Headstones

Once the material of choice for the Victorians, marble can create a very striking and beautiful creation which can easily be shaped and chiseled into a number of different shapes and designs and is available in a selection of colors. However there is a reason that marble has fallen out of favor in recent years and that’s due to its habit of becoming degraded in open weather conditions, becoming damaged, wqorn and de-laminated extremely quickly when compared to other materials, like granite. The porous properties of marble are the reason for this however marble has always been equated with sophistication for its amazingly clean look, while it lasts.

Bronze headstones

A relatively new material in terms of headstones, bronze has seen a surge in popularity recently for its extremely hard-wearing and weather resistant properties and can easily last as long or longer, than granite with the right maintenance. The shiny and reflective surface of the bronze is sure to draw not just your families’ attention when looking to pay your respects to a fallen loved one, making it easy to spot over the jumble of other graves, but also complete strangers will; admire the uniqueness of the memorial you have chosen. However this uniqueness comes at a penalty and that’s the cost, requiring engravers and metalworkers to them, bronzer headstones can be fairly pricey.

Granite headstones

This being easily the most popular choice for headstones right now, granite is chosen for headstones for a number of different reasons. For a start they are extremely weather resistant and being exposed to the elements, retaining its great colour and smooth laminate surface even after a  number of years in use also making them easy to read many years later. It is also a very in-vogue look at the moment with granite being available in pretty much any colour you could ask for. However being so popular they are naturally pretty expensive, with large pieces running up into multiple thousands.

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