When to do a Garden Clean Up


Garden Clean Up

As seasons change, your garden needs cleaning up. Fallen leaves, winter storms and heavy rain will cause your garden to look ugly. After the season changes, you need to take care of your garden to maintain healthy soil for future planting.


Clear Up Before Winter


Autumn passes by leaving tons of leaves in your garden. Clear up your garden before the first snowfall comes. Fallen leaves are a source of pests and diseases. Leaving them over the winter can cause problems as the temperatures get warmer.


Cleaning up the garden before winter prevents the insects and pests that will hide under old leaves and debris as well as fungal spores which can cause diseases to new plants in spring.


What you should do is remove all the debris and piles of leaves out of your garden and coat the soil with nutrients or some form of weed prevention. Perennial plants that no longer ‘look good’ also need to be removed. This way you can see your space and can start planning to introduce new items.


Any plants that do not survive through winter should be transplanted and kept in the basement, garage or greenhouse so they will not freeze.


After clearing up all of your garden, dirt and debris will mess up your walkway. The best and easiest way to clean your concrete walkway is to pressure wash it. Pressure washers provide the best quality products in various kinds to match with your requirements.


Clean Up for Spring


Clean Up for Spring 1 Clean Up for Spring 2

If you have done an autumn clean up, your task will be much lighter in the spring. The snow and ice will have melted but winter storms can leave your garden looking like a disaster. It will need to be cleaned up before any spring gardening.


Remove the Debris


Winter brings wind, storm, rain and snow. To start with, collect all of the fallen branches and sticks around your garden. You can use a wood-chipper if you have very big branches.

Rake Up the Leaves


Rake the yard and garden beds to prepare the land for spring planting. If you had done a clear up before winter, this task will be much lighter. But if you did not, go ahead and remove all of leaves in your garden.


Prune and Trim Your Trees


After your garden is tidied up, shape your trees when the weather gets warmer to encourage new growth. For flowers, do not cut them until they have bloomed.


Planning What to Plant


If you had already planned since the last autumn clear up, you can skip this step and go right ahead planting new items. But if you have no plan, now is the time to make one.


After cleaning all of debris and seeing your old trees already in place, you can see which part is missing something and where needs new plants. Or, if you want to change the landscape or style, it is the ideal time to do it. Buy some gardening books to get inspiration and sketch it out to see a picture of it.

Start Planting


This is the most fun part! Gather your family to do it together. Planting new trees or flowers requires a little research about each plant. Which one needs sunlight or which one needs more water? Check the precise timing of when to plant because some cannot survive if it is too cold.